The Complete Guide to Digitally Optimizing your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Now more than ever, it is the time to start thinking about how you can digitally optimize your Commercial Real Estate brokerage. Regardless of the size of your organization, or even if you work as an individual, it is always worth utilizing the latest technology tools to your advantage. Otherwise, your competition will get a […]

Managing Commercial Real Estate in a Post-COVID Climate

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard a lot about the pandemic and how it is affecting commercial real estate, and all other industries, for that matter. You’re worried about your profits, and you’re right to be concerned about the future. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, it is imperative to utilize this time to be […]

6 Elements That Make a Valid Contract (Don’t Be Fooled)

What does it mean to have a “Valid Contract”? This is a legally binding document that sets out the rights and obligations of each party. These rights and obligations can vary as each state may have different rules and regulations, but Federal Law is also included. When you’re in the commercial real estate business, you […]

Why Your Networking Methods Suck and What You Can Do About It

Whatever role you have in commercial real estate, you will always need a strong network to grow. Typically, a strong structure can be vital in a variety of ways – for example, without a web of professional knowledge to draw from, most would struggle to grow commissions and even find worthwhile commercial real estate listings. […]

How to Use NOI for the Evaluation of a Property

When evaluating properties, the income approach is one of the best ways to gauge how to proceed with the deal and what details need to be collected. One of the most critical metrics of income in real estate is the “net operating income” or the NOI. The NOI is used to calculate a variety of […]

How to Maximize Off-Market Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

The spread of COVID-19 has caused most of the world to go on lockdown, putting many things on hold – or at the very least, slowing the pace that we’re used to moving at. Businesses in almost any industry will find that there are complications in their way during this difficult time, and those working […]

How to Scale the Right Way and Increase Your Margins?

When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, one thing is for sure–you are only as successful as your last deal. But as the hours we have in a day seem to dwindle and the demands on that time increase scaling to become the real estate broker or investor of your dreams can feel like pushing […]


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#1 Lead Generation, Sales, & Marketing Automation Platform For Real Estate Professionals, Wholesalers, Investors, & Entrepreneurs

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#1 Lead Generation, Sales, & Marketing Automation Platform For Real Estate Professionals, Wholesalers, Investors, & Entrepreneurs


Reonomy is a commercial real estate database consisting of 47m+ properties
With Reonomy, you can search these properties to uncover the data you need. Each property includes ownership info, sales, tax & debt details.
Pierce the LLC and find building owner names, numbers, emails + more.


Showcase your name everywhere, instantly
Promote listings with custom-branded
marketing docs, emails, websites, and
more without ever reentering property

Marketing comes full circle
Proposals created from your database.
Website leads added to your contacts.
Comps generated from closed listings.
V\fith database and back—office seamlessly
connected to our innovative marketing
automation product—every step of your
business is faster, connected, and ready
for your expertise.

Process deals and commissions with ease
Transfer closing details automatically so
your entire team can work out of one
system and efficiently issue payments.

Follow Up Boss

CRM + Unique Dedicated VOIP # + Call
Recording + Inbound/Outbound SMS +
KPI Reporting + Lead Distribution


AII-in-one software that streamlines your
sales workflows. Create, send, track, and
eSign client—facing documents designed
to win more business. PandaDoc
integrates with your CRM, saves your
team time, and provides transparency into
your sales performance.

MTIP Weekly Live Training Workshop

From prospect generation and escrow
coordination Wo negotiating and closing
deals, we won't leave you hanging. Our
students are instantly connected to a
community of like-minded people for free,
providing collaborative innovation What
propels you to the next level in your
career, no matter where you are on your


National Property + Owner Data Platform
Price Offers Exclusive Access Per
County (Only in the USA)

Agent Legend

Instant Voicemails, Text Messages, and Emails
Connect with your leads immediately with
pre-recorded messages in ypur Yoice and
Campaigns that Convert
Your account comes loaded with
several top performing exclusive drip
marketing campaigns. you can
personalize your campaigns with your
voice, text and email creative messaging
as well.


MTIP Community Network, Tutorials,
Articles, Chats, Deal & Team
Management Application


Commercial real estate, create custom
offering memorandums, marketing
packages and flyers. CREOP offers
unique marketing designs for commercial
real estate offering memorandums.


Brevitas is an international platform for
the acquisition and disposition of
commercial real estate. Nationwide
Marketplace, Cutting Edge Technology.

Access to Exclusive National Investor and
Broker Email List of over 100k+ Contacts
+ Global Private Listing Market Place