Building a Real Estate empire takes time, knowledge, and resources. MTIP Systems brings all the tools you need, training and lead generation under one roof.
Supercharged Resources to Boost your ROI as an Agent or Investor
Look below to find our technology power bundle and save time and money while gaining invaluable resources to propel your Real Estate automation.




All the apps, One System. Wholesale Deal.

Select all the apps or choose only the ones you want. All apps are already programmed and integrated for seamless workflow so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on software developers.

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MTIP Weekly Live Workshop

From prospect generation and escrow coordination to negotiating and closing deals, we won’t leave you hanging. Our students are instantly connected to a community of likeminded people for free, providing collaborative innovation that propels you to the next level in your career, no matter where you are on your journey

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Includes Community Access

Level 02 level

COMPS, Underwriting,
Evaluating (CUE)MTIP

Learn how to increase sales through
techniques and negotiating.
Level 03 level

Contract and
Escrow Coordination

Learn how to evaluate your risks
and appraise deals.
Level 04 level

Sales & Negotiating
Deal Acquisitions

Learn how to effectively execute
contracts and manage escrow.
Level 05 level

Sales & Negotiating
Deal Dispositions

Learn how to navigate buying
negotiations like a boss.
Level 06 level

and Syndication

Learn how to network and
secure bigger and better deals.

Step 3


MTIP Spaces

Finding the right location to build your team and grow can take up a lot of your time and drain your resources. We create optimal workspaces for our members, that promote success and provide the resources needed to succeed. No matter your workspace needs, MTIP has your solution.



Virtual Office

Customizable workspaces at your finger tips. Select your office needs and find the perfect place to set up without all the expensive overhead of maintaining a full office building.



Hot Desk

Workspaces on the fly. Gain access to selected MTIP office locations and enjoy a relaxing productivity fueled shared workspace environment on the go.



Dedicated Desk

Need a place to call work, but aren’t in the market for a full-sized office? We can set you up with your very own personal desk area where you can unfold and develop your real estate career. Explore our monthly dedicated desk options.


Private Office

Private Office

Ready to make your mark and need office space to grow and expand in? Explore exclusive office locations within our MTIP office network and start building teams and closing deals.


Step 4


Hands on Trainings with Michael Makabi

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Never before has entering real estate been so streamlined for success. From MTIPU to MTIP Systems, Michael Makabi is building a proven success track for his students to thrive and build successful real estate empires.

Even if you know everything there is to know about real estate. Innovation exists with collaboration. Our network of experts are consistently cranking out new creative and innovative ways to scale and grow.


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step-5-bg E&O Insurance

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We’d like to think that every sale will close smoothly without any hiccups or disasters. The truth of it is, not every deal will be so sweet and you’ll see some curveballs here and there throughout your career. Keeping yourself properly insured, backed by a trusted company that is there for you when you need them and even when you don’t.


Your career is precious and the deals you close are even more valuable to your sustainable future of generational wealth. E&O Insurance had partnered with MTIP to offer you the protection you need to keep your closing confidence strong.

Step 6

Off Market Lead Generation & Nurturing System

Choose the number of records that suits your ambition.

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MTIP lead generation system replaces a bunch of tedious workflows. We make it simple to rapidly generate prequalified leads and build a pipeline of off-market deals by giving you the tools you need. MTIP Systems will generate a qualified prospect list personalized to you, solicit that list once via SMS and RVM, and finally qualify each incoming lead on your behalf at a cost of $3 per prospect.

Include Lead Nurturing: Maximize the results of your campaign!

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MTIP System's lead nurturing capabilities allow you to 10X your initial conversion rates with results that can surpass 65%+. Our sophisticated A.I. system follows-up and qualifies your prospects on your behalf. This means less time wasted and more deals closed. We are able to touch your prospects with a total of 10 uniquely crafted SMS and RVM drip marketing campaigns within a 30-day span. The cost is $1 per prospect, per month. That's $.10 cents per touch.


Prospects Data

Qualified data that includes full names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses, filtered by asset class.


Campaign Preparation

Segmenting, organizing, filtering, marketing, prequalifying script, structuring. We make it simple!


A.I. Concierge Filtering

Artificial intelligence that systematically prospects and converts conversations for you.


3-Way Messaging

2 way text, emails and automated RVM so you can maximize your leads.


User friendly CRM

All of our leads funnel into Follow Up Boss system.


KPI Analytics & Tracking

Know your numbers. Understand what they mean. Close more deals.

How Good Would It Feel to Actually Receive 100% of Your Commissions?


It’s a pretty special feeling to be in control of your earnings, and as an MTIP Realtors Member, you’ll be treated as such.

Using the MTIP Realtors, you can source and generate your own leads, leaving you in total control of your commissions. Take away all of the extra hands in the pot. At MTIP, we let you be you, we simply pave the way to your true earnings potential.

MTIP Realtors Member - 100% Commission to Agent (Excluding house provided leads)
Lead Generation

Our members say...

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Reonomy is a commercial real estate database consisting of 47m+ properties
With Reonomy, you can search these properties to uncover the data you need. Each property includes ownership info, sales, tax & debt details.
Pierce the LLC and find building owner names, numbers, emails + more.


Showcase your name everywhere, instantly
Promote listings with custom-branded
marketing docs, emails, websites, and
more without ever reentering property

Marketing comes full circle
Proposals created from your database.
Website leads added to your contacts.
Comps generated from closed listings.
V\fith database and back—office seamlessly
connected to our innovative marketing
automation product—every step of your
business is faster, connected, and ready
for your expertise.

Process deals and commissions with ease
Transfer closing details automatically so
your entire team can work out of one
system and efficiently issue payments.

Follow Up Boss

CRM + Unique Dedicated VOIP # + Call
Recording + Inbound/Outbound SMS +
KPI Reporting + Lead Distribution


AII-in-one software that streamlines your
sales workflows. Create, send, track, and
eSign client—facing documents designed
to win more business. PandaDoc
integrates with your CRM, saves your
team time, and provides transparency into
your sales performance.

MTIP Weekly Live Training Workshop

From prospect generation and escrow
coordination Wo negotiating and closing
deals, we won't leave you hanging. Our
students are instantly connected to a
community of like-minded people for free,
providing collaborative innovation What
propels you to the next level in your
career, no matter where you are on your


National Property + Owner Data Platform
Price Offers Exclusive Access Per
County (Only in the USA)

Agent Legend

Instant Voicemails, Text Messages, and Emails
Connect with your leads immediately with
pre-recorded messages in ypur Yoice and
Campaigns that Convert
Your account comes loaded with
several top performing exclusive drip
marketing campaigns. you can
personalize your campaigns with your
voice, text and email creative messaging
as well.


MTIP Community Network, Tutorials,
Articles, Chats, Deal & Team
Management Application


Commercial real estate, create custom
offering memorandums, marketing
packages and flyers. CREOP offers
unique marketing designs for commercial
real estate offering memorandums.


Brevitas is an international platform for
the acquisition and disposition of
commercial real estate. Nationwide
Marketplace, Cutting Edge Technology.

Access to Exclusive National Investor and
Broker Email List of over 100k+ Contacts
+ Global Private Listing Market Place